One of my greatest interests was the last world war. I have really been interested since at least 1955 when I remember submitting a school essay on the Battle of the River Plate. At the same time I started collecting models of ships and aircraft again on a WWII theme. Later in life I became interested ith the German army and collected uniforms and insignia (until the prices and faked became too much). In this section there are a number of sites dedicated to this conflict and because my main interest had been in the Axis side there are some sites on these forcs. I would really like links to more new WWII sites to add to the list. General model sites can be found here>> and Dragon model sites here>> 


  • WWII history source This is a superb source of links to WWII data. There are all the well known sites plus a whole lot more. A great visit for WWII enthusiasts.
  • The Imperial War Museum:  is unique in its coverage of conflicts, especially those involving Britain and the Commonwealth, from the First World War to the present day. It seeks to provide for, and to encourage, the study and understanding of the history of modern war and 'war-time experience.'  The Museum spans a huge range of activities not only at its main London location but also at its four further branches 
  • After the Battle magazine:  If you are interested in the Second World War and want to know how the places where it was fought appear today, in what remains to be seen and the discoveries that are still being made then After The Battle publications will interest you. After the Battle brings military history alive as our theme is to present the battlefields as they are today using 'then and now' comparison photography. This is simply the VERY BEST magazine on the subject.
  • Easy Company Welcome to The CURRAHEE Home Page. Home for veterans of "The 506th Infantry Regiment". Everyone is welcome here. We are an organization dedicated to the Veterans of the 506th Infantry and their History. Here youwill find information and history on the regiment plus details of the 2002 memorial jump.
  • 101 Airborne is a great site on the regiment offering details on uniforms, WWII, battles and stories. A great site on the subject.
  • Sword 13 gives some really nice photographs of the USA paratrooper smock.
  • SVSM Museum walkarounds is a superb part of the SVSM site covering all that would interest modellers and historians alike. Great sections on armour. There are also areas for members models and model shows. A great site for a casual visit.


  • The World At War: This site contains articles links and reviews on the second world war. It also contains links to purchase the award winning ITV on video and DVD
  • The Second World War: This site is dedicated to the fighting men and women of the Second World War, regardless of nationality or ideology. It is not intended to glorify war or any political agenda, but to simply keep the memory of their sacrifices alive.
World War II commemoration: World War II ended on September 2, 1945 with the formal surrender of Japan aboard the U.S. battleship Missouri in Tokyo Bay. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the end of the war, we have put together what we believe to be the definitive collection of World War II historical materials on the Web.
  • Third Reich in Ruins is a superb web site charting the various German war time buildings and what is left today. It is a great shame that for future historians there will be little left of a period in history that claimed so many lives. History is history and we should remember not obliterate for future generations.
    Geoff Walden and his brother run this site and do their best to show what was and what is left of the Third Reich 's buildings. Using many original photos taken by their father in WWII, they show what can still be seen today of the wartime buildings of Germany. There is a great deal of information on The Berghof is of special interest to me and information on it is here>>



Military Vehicles, equipment and uniforms
  • The military vehicle trust is an organisation specialising in the preservation of military vehicles. Members receive an excellent magazine called Windscreen. Worth joining for this alone.
  • Jeep World specialises in jeeps and books on the subject. They have a great magazine available on subscription only.
  • Jeep parts UK is a UK based specialist for all [parts for Jeeps of all varieties.
Military Vehicles, equipment and uniforms
  • Model  Gun Company offer some superb replica weapons for re-enactors on all modern conflicts. Good pictures and some movies of the guns in action make this a very interesting site to visit.
  • Soldier of Fortune  have a superb range of replica uniforms and equipment from WWI WWII and the Vietnam conflict. This is a great site for the re-enactor.

Books and movies
  • World Of Warfare: This is an excellent book supplier specialising in World War Two. Good selection, excellent service.
  • Periscope Publishing has done some amazing dives on world war two wrecks. They have video footage on sale and have had articles published in After the Battle magazine.
  • Pieces of History offer medals and movies of the war and wild west. Of special note are the German Newsreels on DVD. They have already 14 DVD's available and up to 60 will be available eventually. 
  • History Quest Video produces some excellent documentary videos on Second World War. The History Quest catalogue contains a unique collection of outstanding programs that takes viewers back in time to some of the world's greatest events including historical personalities and world leaders as well as subjects on the American Southwest, Nazi Germany, The Holocaust and WWII.
  • Landmark Books: This is an excellent book seller that has every book published on the German second world war forces. On the subject he is second to none! There is also a very good but not so extensive section on USA and Allied forces.
  • Bender Publishing: The United States publisher of the best known books on the  German military forces.
  • The World at War: This site contains articles links and reviews on the second world war. It also contains links to purchase the award winning ITV series on this event. A good general site.
  • RZM Imports was established in 1986, is known around the world by military enthusiasts as the source for high quality photo and history books, magazines and videos on World War II.
  • Regiments org is dedicated to the "Land Forces of Britain, the Empire and Commonwealth" website, a major resource designed to make some sense of military history and help you navigate the web.
  • British National Army Museum is the British Army's own museum. It is the only museum to tell the story of the Army as a whole from Agincourt in the Fifteenth Century to peace-keeping in the Twenty-first Century.
  • Warships of the world is a huge reference for most types of warship through the war years to the present time. A great site for Naval history.
  • World War This is a dedicated site to the study of world war two. It is very factual and really covers the subject in great detail. It has a really excellent timeline.
  • The Normandy Arnhem society
    is dedicated to keeping history alive by recreating, as accurately as possible, the life and times of German and British soldiers during the latter half of World War II. The Society is a living museum of remembrance, designed to show the general public the uniforms, equipment and weapons of over half a century ago in actual use in authentic settings.


Germany At War
  • Achtung Panzer is an excellent, well researched and well illustrated site on German Armour in WWII.
  • Die Panzertruppe The site will attempt to pick up where I left off nearly four years ago: A forum for discussions of Militaria collecting as it relates to the German armoured forces of World War II.
  • German Tanks of WWII is an excellent and well researched site for people interested in German Tanks. All variants are listed with photos and extensive text. A great site for enthusiasts and modellers.
  • The Collectors Guild is a site specialising in authentic German Militaria. All items are guaranteed and there is an excellent catalogue available. The web site is an experience on its own with superb photos and detail of all items being sold.
  • RZM Sales offer many original and repro items for sale. There is an excellent series of photos of sale items. A good site.
  • Lexicon Der Wehrmacht is a great site dedicated to the German forces in World War II. Excellent references and photographs

PGZ is a valuable resource to help you find just what you are looking for on Adolf Hitler, Third Reich Nazi historical items and information. As you know, surfing the web for endless hours in a vain attempt to find just what you are looking for is no ones idea of a good time! We can help change that frustration! Are you looking for more detailed information for your research project or the most accurate marking details for your new tank model? Then let us help narrow your search with this extensive link lists.



The Berghof - 1 This site is in German and covers new pictures of the Berghof plus a guide to the are in general.

Germany At War
  • Feldgrau: This site is dedicated to the history of the German armed forces from 1914 to 1945. It is a well researched site giving a well balanced view.

    Third Reich Fact book: Is a superb history of the third Reich. It categorises the various parts and gives an excellent reference to the subject.

  • New Panzer CD offers CD recordings of marches and speeches. Some only found here.
  • Wahmoh for recordings from WWII
  • German Awards Forum is an excellent forum with pictures of medals, documents and their recipients. There are links as well so it ends up as a great source of information on the field. and
  • Time Life Pictures Following a link from the awards forum. I found this information.
    "I thought everyone would enjoy a sampling of some colour photos from the TimePix site."
    They have over 1,900 images (mostly colour) taken by a photographer named Hugo Jaeger. You have to search for his work on the website. The photos are very slow to load but most are in colour and have never been published.
    You can download these photos and the website tells you how to do it, but you have to put up with the horrible watermark that appears on each photo.


Das Reich Forum is a main forum to the collecting of WWII SS items

The German Cap forum is like above but dedicated to standard uniforms 

  • Absolutely all about the Tirpitz and Bismark is intended to give the visitors a detailed and informative place on the Internet related to the history of the battleships of the Bismarck Class. It is a really excellent site for this purpose.
  • Absolutely all about the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau is intended to give the visitors a detailed and informative place on the Internet related to the history of the battleships of the Scharnhorst Class. Like the other related site it is very useful and informative.
  • Ships of the Deutschland Class The Admiral Graf Spee is another ship that interests me. This is a great site giving great depth of information on the Graf Spee, Deutschland and Lutzow.
  • Graf Spee Is another site dedicated to this ship and the Battle of the River Plate.
  • Prinz Eugen has information on Schnell Boots or E-Boats the German torpedo boats of WWII. This site is dedicated to the history and showing the last survivors.
  • Shark Hunters is the official publication of the History of the U-Bootwaffe. The purpose of SHARK HUNTERS is honest submarine history with major emphasis on German U-Boats and no propaganda.


  • The Luftwaffe 1933-45 is sn excellent study of the German Luftwaffe its aircraft and history. there is extensive unit information and equipment information plus links and a forum. A very good site on the subject
  • Hugo Junkers This page is dedicated to Prof. Hugo Junkers and the Junkers Flugzeugwerke AG. You will find information about all aircraft and engines, developed by Hugo Junkers, the famous German aviation pioneer, between 1915 and 1933, as well as by the Junkers Flugzeugwerke AG, which became Germany's No. 1 Nazi Weapon Factory after the death of Hugo Junkers in 1934.

Fraktur type face
is the most common type face used by Germany in the second world war. The main site sells the fonts for use on a PC of Mac. There is also another excellent site giving the history of Fraktur here>>

  • German-USA corner This is an excellent site for Fraktur fonts based in the United States. There are also recipes, poems, and historical articles all based on Germany. An excellent site.
  • Rudolph Hess. There is an excellent site dedicated to the final years of Rudolph Hess the highest ranking Nazi leader to survive the war. Rudolf Hess, former Deputy of Adolf Hitler died on 17th August 1987 in the Allied Military Prison in Spandau, Berlin. He had supposedly hanged himself in a summerhouse in the prison garden. This is the official and widespread theory, what are the facts ?
  • Tomahawk Films and CD All Tomahawk Films and audio archival material has been digitally re-mastered via Cedar Processing from original, pre-1945 shellac 78rpm records. The majority now give a markedly enhanced sound quality as a result, whilst still retaining the authentic and evocative hiss of the original medium.
  • Ligaturix supplies the converters for the Fraktur fonts to correctly work in Word
  • Panzertruppen, the French site of impassioned armoured troops of the second world war. This is an excellent site to visit on WWII German information. Good links too over all a very good site.


Signal is the superb magazine of the World War II German propaganda machine. Like "Die Wehrmacht", "Der Adler" etc the magazines were made up of excellent colour photographs and are a superb source to modellers and historians alike.
Signal is generally considered to have the been the most spectacular publication to appear during the Second World War and pictures from it have been used in almost every book covering the second world war.
The first magazine appeared in April 1940.The title of the magazine was carefully chosen, the word "SIGNAL" being much the same in most European .The magazine was printed in over 20 languages and 1500 official reporters and 1000 cameramen. The general quality of the articles, in both content and style, was extremely high and the standard of production, particularly  in the use of colour printing, was years ahead of anything else in the field  at that time. It can be truthfully said that , as a result Signal had a enormous effect throughout wartime Europe.

  • - luftwaffe2 is is the definitive site on Signal magazine listing all issues, approximate current values and also the special issues that were released. As a recent collector I have found this site to offer me everything I needed to help me with my collection. If you are a collector or just interested in "Signal" then this is the site for you. It is in French but if you don't speak the language then visit one of the excellent translation sites such as
  • systran found here>> The site has some excellent links reproduced   here >> This is a brilliant site, a MUST VISIT!
  • This is a  superb site based in Spain. It offers excellent pictures of every issue and offers is a definitive site on this publication but unless you speak Spanish then the pictures will have to do.
    You could of course use systran to translate it found here>>
  • Signal Magazine 1940-45 During the past decades a variety of facsimile printings of selected articles from Signal has been issued, which, sure enough, has been a profitable task for the respective publisher.
    For even today the articles of Signal retain their uncanny attractiveness, which is a strong indicator for their dangerous propagandistic qualities. Very few publications, however, have treated Signal on a scientific basis and went beyond the mere reproduction of its most intriguing articles. As a result, much of the contents of Signal have been made available to an interested public, but little has been published about the modus operandi of this magazine, its doctrine, or the way it influenced the European volunteer movement against Bolshevism.
    This German webpage seeks to gradually contribute to the research on Signal, in order to further highlight its significance throughout war-time Europe. As time permits, the author will be gradually turning this webpage into an extensive resource on all things Signal. Right now, however, it is still in a rather nascent stage. You can scour the contents by clicking through the menu at the top of each page. Collectors will find the List of Published Issues and Editions to be of particular interest. Another excellent site.



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