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 page 1 - the birth
 page 1
- early twentieth century

 page 1 - the transistor special
 the first typewriter
 page 2 - moores chart
 page 2
- the sixties and seventies
 page 3 - the eighties
 page 4 - linux
 page 4 - the nineties
 dragon sixth scale action figures
 message boards 
 Dragon dealers 
 sixth scale fan sites
 sixth scale links  
 sixth scale specialists 
 education and homework page
 feedback and contact page
 cars and motorcycle sites
 entertainment sites and sites for entertainers
 games sites
 hobbies and entertainment index
 models and model making
 music sharing sites
 main music site
 general hobby sites
 photography sites
 general interesting sites
 health and medicine sites
 index to interesting sites of all kinds
 computer magazines and publications
 maps and travel
 the movie page
 the radio page
 the tv page
 the weather page, current weather on the web
 the second world war
 uk radio sites
 internet providers
 computer magazines
 hundreds of links courtesy of dee and erol
 index to hundreds of links
 links for sport football and newspapers.
 newsgroups and newsnet
 links and information on the newsnet
 advanced search area
 software A-List
 software B-List
 shareware and downloads
 software index page
 hardware drivers page
 internet help page
 manufacturers support and help page
 microsoft special
 pc help page
 printer driver special page
 technical support index.
 XP Special
 web design help and html guides
 macromedia special
 web help and resourses
 web resourses
 web building index


This is an area that I have listed all links. It has used the spider at Link Alarm then using text files made up HTML pages. They are alphabetical and only as complete as 30/10/2002.


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